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carbone_lorraine Carbone Lorraine

For over a century, Carbone Lorraine has been a world specialist in carbon and graphite products and in their applications. Over the years, the Group has added to its wealth of knowledge in this field by developing expertise centered on the electric motor, its protection and other electrical equipment.

Consultancy for Alfa press ( Laredo Mexico-USA)



federal mogul Federal Mogul Corporation (Sintertech S.A.S.)

Federal-Mogul Sintertech S.A.S., as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Federal-Mogul Corporation, has established itself globally for the innovative development, manufacture for automotive products. We have broadened our expertise to serve the aircraft, marine, agricultural, mining, recreational and public transportation markets..

Federal-Mogul Sintertech S.A.S. , located in Southeastern France near Grenoble.

Matrix presses

MPX 300 tonn

MPX 400 tonn

MPX 500 tonn


miba Miba

Miba is one of the leading strategic partners for the international engine and automotive industry. Their products - sintered components, bearings and friction materials - can be found all over the world in vehicles, trains, ships, aircraft and power stations. Miba technology makes them more efficient, safer and more environmentally-friendly.

Factory in Arzano

MPX 300 tonn

MPX 400 tonn

emblem GM sinter GroupGM Sinter Group (Technosinter: Varna, Bulgaria)

GM Sinter is the largest group with Italian national capital and occupies a
prominent position on the European market. Currently acts with three factories in Italy, two at North and one at South as well as one in Bulgaria. Manufacturing operations starts in 1948, when first was established in Genoa under the name of SAEBI.
Production of Trasmissions, engines, compressors, and components fpr elettric power tools




rbiemme R-Biemme

Rbiemme Sinterizzati is recently born from homonimous industrial group. It produces the particulars mechanics using the technology of the metallic powders that finds always greater applications in employs of the mechanical industry. The Rapid Systems is a mechanical company specialized in the production of linear Actuators complete of engine, adapted to the motions of electrical armchairs, sofas, orthopedic beds, backs massage. The Rbiemme is a mechanical company that produces on design of the Customer, specialized in the working of sheet, tubes, drawn and outlined metallic.

Custom presses developpement



rubini Rubini

Rubini, founded in 1981 in Cortenuova (Bg), is a firm which produces bronze and sintered iron bushes. In 1987, with its transformation to a corporation and with a new corporate name "Rubini Sinterizzati S.r.l.", a company strategy emerged which characterised it to the present day: improve the product quality and increase the flexibility of the production system to allow the production of designer moulded parts in bronze, iron and inox steel, according to the specifications required by the customer.

MPX 300 tonn

MPX 500 tonn

Philbert 250 tonn

Philbert 800 tonn



AMES is a financially independent private group in the manufacturing of precision metal part field founded in 1951.

One of the Group leader in the sintering process and hight production of metal parts.

- ames group simo SIMO

MPX 400 tonn


sinteron Sinteron:

Sinteron; whose history began in 1979 is regard as the most competitive manufacturer producing sintered parts, PM(Powder Metallurgy) parts in Korea. Our efficient production has made it possible to manufacture the higher quality products such as valve guides, valve seats, sprocket, oil pump rotor and gear, flange blank, hub syncronizer at the lower price. Our innovation continue today with our powder forged connecting rods for automotive engines.

MPX 400 tonn


kpm sintered KPM:

Korea Powder Metallurgy company, established in 1967, was
grown along with the history of the Korean Powder Metallurgy industry. During the last 40 years we have concentrated our efforts on the development of technology and the industry. Now we have become a key supplier of various high quality products in such areas as automobile, home appliances, industrial machinery and equipments, as Korea's largest producer in Powder Metallurgy industry.

MPX 500 tonn


ksm sintered KSM:

We have grown up as a leading manufacturer in the powder metal industry by developing a step advanced technology and continuous effort of quality improvement since our beginning of the business. We will keep supplying parts with the highest quality for customers by the advanced engineering capability and continual innovation.

MPX 800 tonn

kaya_ama_sintered Kaya AMA:

Today Kaya AMA Inc. is continually striving to meet and exceed our customer's expectations through innovation our systems and processes with production of advanced materials and superior parts.Kaya will concentrate on investing in research and development in order to create new demands, to make the best quality parts and to give technical services for our customers.

MPX 300 tonn


ticha-shumen Ticha - Shumen:

Ticha-Shumen Ltd. is a company located in Shumen, Bulgaria. The company is specialized in the productioning of diferent type high-quality concrets. The new plants that they use are made by Euromecc.

Concrete plant


aries Aries

Aries srl is established in the outskirts of Mirandola, where the largest pool of biomedical industries in Europe is located. Aries sets a scientific, manufacturing and marketing know-how in the field of biomedical technologies, which can count on the multiannual experience of its founding shareholders. Aries manufactures and commercializes biomedical devices for infusion, blood transfusion, parenteral nutrition, specialistics, oncology and pharmacy.

Market developpement


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