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Restaurant, Hotel in Shumen, Bulgaria

Restaurant & Hotel in Shumen: Rimini Club

Rimini Club is located In the heart of the Bulgaria, at 80 km from Varna, in Shumen. you can find here near the rest of one old lost town (the Old Shumen), with the beautiful sight of the new monument built in honor for the birthday of the Bulgaria. The perfect place for have contact with the Bulgarian Culture. But not only; the Rimini Club is a meeting point of different cultures, including: French, Italian, and English.

The Rimini Club is a relaxing and comfortable place with the company of our team and the best choice that you can do for your accommodation in Shumen.

Our Rooms and appartaments are perfect for a family holiday with children or a intimate and romantic vacation with partner;

Rimini Club Restaurant; A place where you can spend comfortably few hours by enjoying the european kitchen , including italian specialties, as pizzas and pasta following our tradition; with of course Bulgarian specialities. Visit our Photo Gallery for a preview of our Restaurant and Bar.


logo_shumen_municipality Municipality of Shumen:

In present-day Municipality of Shumen is situated in the central part of Northeastern Bulgaria, in an area of 630 km2 (the middle Bulgarian municipality have territory round 436 km2). The framework of the municipality include city of Shumen and 26 villages. The city is situated in an important transport crossroad.
The region’s largest business sector is "trade, repair of automobiles and home appliances" at [50, followed by heavy and light manufacturing [12, third [9 is the combination of "hotels, hostel and food service", "transport and communications, travel agencies and tourism", and "real property operations, and rent". The strongest branch of municipality is light industry; represented by manufacture, textile, tailoring, food, tobacco industries, and construction.

logo_university_shumen University of Shumen:

Konstantin Preslavsky University of Shumen has inherited a centuries-long educational tradition dating back to the famous Pliska and Preslav Literary School (10th c) and going on through the ages in Shumen intellectual life.
The University continues and enriches the mission of the Higher Educational Course, started 80 years ago, on the basis of which in 1964 a Faculty, as a branch of Sofia University, was founded. In 1971 it became a separate higher school with three basic faculties – philological, natural sciences and educational. At present Konstantin Preslavsky University of Shumen, have five structural educational units (four faculties and a college in Dobrich), covering the main fields of the classical university science in the humanities, natural sciences and education. Students’ education is based on curricula and syllabi for the educational qualification degrees specialist, bachelor and master in correspondence with the state regulatory documents.

logo_bulgaria Embassies in Bulgaria:

Information about the foreign embassies in Bulgaria

theatre_of_shumen_in_bulgaria Culture:

In the education and culture field, Shumen upholds its position as a leading city. In the city there are several professional cultural institutions: a dramatic theatre, philharmonics, a large library, several cultural centers, art galleries and a rich historical museum with contemporary exhibitions. The museum have a complementary ranging from four memorial house-museums and an archeological museum to the Shoumen fortress. In honour of 1300 years of the Bulgaria state, the impressive memorial complex, "Founders of the Bulgarian State", was discovered which became a emblem of the city.

monument_of_shumen_in_bulgaria Tourism:

- National historical archeological preserve "Madara"
- Historical - archaeological preserve "Shoumen Fortress"
- National historical-archaeological preserve "Pliska"
- National historical-archaeological preserve "Veliki Preslav"
- Natural park "Shumen Plateau"
- Regional history museum
- and etc.

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